2019 Sheridanpark Meilen
Space running & daily wear shirts:

The Sheridan Park Meilen shirts are a hybrid sports project of LD13, who work with the locals and the runners to produce qualitative running shirts for the running community around Augsburg, Germany.
We design and produce our running shirts in Europe, with global partners who aim to create timeless, long-lasting, and unforgettable shirts. Our shirts: durable, breathable cotton-jersey shirts, which are manufactured in Europe with fair wages and high-quality Standards. We aim to keep improving our system, with partners we work with and the people we dress. We are ready to wear label who does slow fashion, not fast fashion. LD13 see’s Fashion as a voice to express your identity, and form a dialogue that connects, informs, and empowers our community on the street, catwalk, or on the run.

We are artists first, no trend followers.